We are in an amazingly incredible moment and in Mercury retrograde!! I keep hearing from one person after another looking for CERTAINTY in Oracle readings. People want to know, what will happen? Is it going to be X? Y? Or Z? ?This is not fortune telling: ?you’ll meet a man on a cruise, get married in Greece, have 3 children …?I don?t want to laugh but I do find it a little bit humorous.

NO Yes or No questions

Remember, if you think you can go to the Oracle to ask black and white or yes and no questions, you can?t! That is not how it works for several reasons. First off, the Oracle is not predictive. If it were going to definitively tell you that your answer was either A or B, you personally would not have any co-creative power in the matter. Your personal energy, your intentions, your dreams, and your experiences all play a role in the outcome of your reading, together in partnership with Spirit.

Second, if you are in a what I would call an anxious state, a contracted, stiff mode, you are not in the right state to get an answer allowing you to create something that goes even beyond what you originally imagined.

Ask Bigger, More Open Questions

The Oracle is not predictive but rather prescriptive. What that means is that an Oracle reading will show us what we need to know about the energy around us and in conjunction with our own energies. The messages are so perfect, so in tune, so aligned with exactly what we need to know for our very Highest Good and for our Soul?s growth on this magical journey.

An Oracle reading allows us to know what our next right action could be or, it allows us to course correct if necessary. Instead, let’s ask, “What is the nature of A? or What do I need to know about B?” These question open up the energy allowing a much richer message to come through. This allows us to have a richer conversation about the infinite realm of possibilities.

For me, it is an honor to use this fabulous tool in service to others, to help on our collective quest to personal mastery!!

With Opalescent love,