People ask,” How does an Oracle reading work?” On one hand, it’s really simple and clear, on the other it is a total, magical, mystery.

First, the Question

The first thing we do when we get together is to determine?the?type of question that you want to ask. Is it a question related to relationship, career, a geographical move, an area of study, etc. there are hundreds of possibilities.

Once we know the area, we start developing the question. Remember, Spirit cannot answer yes or no questions. Many times we ask, what is the nature of…, Or what do I need to know about? Or what is my next right action?

Then, Pull the Cards

Many times even during developing the question, I get insight and information from the cards without even drawing one. Okay, now we have the question. I shuffle the cards and ask the question until I feel which card is asking to come out. Sometimes two cards come out. Sometimes, even more, cards come out.

Now we have the cards. I start by opening the guidebook and reading the appropriate section to you. Nearly always, there is something that will just jump out at you at that point. It is then that I start to get even further information.

Conversation and Interpretation of Oracle message

At that point, we will have a conversation about this aspect of this card and this information and it is then that I can really kick in with information that goes beyond what the card says and what you tell me. The Insight, Clarity, Guidance, and Wisdom that come through are amazing!! People?get answers, perspectives, and nuances they usually hadn?t considered.

I still am usually amazed by this entire process. I love using it to help people discover things about themselves they didn?t know.

Get Things Moving, Schedule?Your Oracle Reading

All of my life I have been asking and searching for a way to be able to tap into this precious and sacred gift that I have to help other people. Oracle cards have given me this will to be able to turn this switch on.I am blessed and eternally grateful. Schedule?your reading soon to get things moving!! I want to hear from you!!


GinaMaria Opalescent