This morning I did a different meditation. The person who made it, Katie Kozlowski at guided me to a very different realm. Check out her site, she seems amazing.

Katie?s meditation took me to a place where I was tenderly enveloped in Peace, Love, Safety, and Acceptance, for starters.

As I was doing this, knowing myself and meditation?Let?s say we have an interesting relationship?so I had my notebook out. If I don?t capture just a few words, when I come out, POOF, it?s gone.

Well today, I captured this message.

We are at a critical time in history. After all my years of gathering tons of beautiful spiritual tools, learning many profound, and not always easy, lessons, we are at a time to:


Women are usually taught to turn this ability off. Some men too. I don?t know. I have specialized training in how to pay attention to it. We must TRUST and exercise great discernment as we consume the media we need to take in information on our way to


How many times do we hold back, not fully expressing ourselves, not saying what we really think or how we really feel? Why do we do this? Afraid of what others might think? Or say? Afraid of not being accepted? Of not pleasing people? Groan!!

I always remember the lesson from A Course In Miracles, ?It?s none of my business what other people think of me.? That?s their business. Leave them to own their stuff!!

Using your voice to claim who you are, contributes to the healing of yourself, your family, our community, and the country, and believe me, we desperately need healing.

As you use your intuition, discernment, and your voice, remember how the media and messages land in your body. Fear contracts. It feels bad, it limits, it pulls you IN. Love, on the other hand, opens you up, puts you in a safe, loving, expansive, peaceful, unconditionally accepting space.

I want to live in that beautiful Opalescent space!! (Read my first blog to know what that means, Given I am human, grounded, and I know prayers work when you to act to make them happen, and firmly believe in


Take action to make sure you can express yourself by:

  • voting,
  • canvassing,
  • phone banking,
  • donating to your favorite candidate
  • helping out in other states.


Stay, tuned in and turned on to all of your magical powers!! Let?s DO this!!!!

With Opalescent Love,



PS Primary elections in WI are on Aug 14th National Senate and house elections are on Nov. 6th Add these to your calendar.

PSS Check to make sure you are registered too.