HI. WELCOME to The Opal Oracle!! I?m very excited you are here reading this. This is the culmination of many, many years of imaging, envisioning and studying!! I have always realized my intuitive nature. I remember back in middle school I would say to my friends, “I always trust my intuition.? It has never let me down.” Well, that was only the beginning.

Years later, I began to see and watch synchronicity and how that would work out in my life. I was actually given an assignment for a class in which we were supposed to write down all the synchronistic events in our lives. I told my son about it. He face-palmed and said something like, “Well mom, good luck with that one!!!” My entire life is one big, huge synchronistic event!

One day I saw an email from Colette Baron-Reid saying, “Last Call…” for a class she was starting. I opened it up and saw that I had missed the deadline by half an hour. On a total whim, I emailed back, “I can?t believe I missed this!!!” A minute later, I got a response. If you really want to get in, I suppose? I WAS IN!!!

That was the beginning of my studies with her. What I didn?t exactly realize is that the Oracle and Colette were exactly what I was looking for to allow me to access both the Divine as well as to learn to use my own Divinely given gifts. For me, the Oracle cards work like a light switch, powering on my own intuitive abilities. The Oracle acts as a direct connection, a portal to the Divine.

If you have questions, need guidance or clarity, reach out, I?d be delighted to hear from you!! And, check back soon, I?ll be posting from an event later this week in Florida. It’s called, Oracle Palooza!!!!

Oracle Session