Opalescent? That?s an interesting name. Where’s it from? What does it mean? These are some of the most frequent questions people ask me so I thought I?d start this out by telling you the story about where this name originated.

One of the most powerful experiences I?ve ever had, and I?ve had quite a few, took place sitting in the Reading Room, as my kids called it, in a big old farmhouse in Northeastern Wisconsin, where we lived for 10 years.

I?d recently attended a workshop in North Carolina with Drunvalo Melchizadek. While there, someone I met told me to get my hands on a set of tapes (YES, it was a long time ago!) about remote viewing. Upon return, I got them. One day I decided to meditate before dinner. I think it was the second time I was listening to the first tape. I totally ?went out,? not even hearing the guided meditation.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by white…as if I were in a very thick, puffy, brilliant white cloud; a timeless, formless, infinite space. There was nothing but white. I had no body. It was as if there was nothing at all except my awareness and my thoughts. Suddenly I noticed very tiny, shiny, sparkly flecks of color: pink, yellow, blue? It reminded me of what it would be like to walk inside of a very white Opal. It was impossible to tell if I was moving because there was nothing else to gauge movement again, no body, no objects, no people, not even ?me.? It seemed the flecks were floating but I didn?t feel like I was still, without movement. Were we both floating??

As soon as I this thought occurred to me, a sound like enormous waves began rushing inside my head. I felt a powerful energy hit my chest in a completely tangible, palpable form. Wave after wave of the most completely loving, unconditionally loving, omniscient, Divine love crashed into and through my non-existent body over and over again. Today, even the thought of a love so strong, so deep, so all encompassing, brings tears to my eyes. I have only on rare occasion experienced anything even close to this and those experiences were not in the 3D realm either.

I?ve come to refer to this as my ?Opalescent Experience.? I can find no other manner to describe or explain it. All I can offer each and every one of you right now is this; there is a force of Love out there so strong, so overwhelmingly powerful, and so all encompassing that I cannot even begin to describe its magnitude.

I carry the experience of this power deep within my Soul. As a way of reminding myself that this is what life is truly about, years ago I changed my name to GinaMaria Opalescent.

With Opalescent Love,


PS I’d love to hear your comments.