Senator John McCain?s passing and funeral highlights the deep moral compass upon which this country was founded, the rule of law, the inalienable dignity of every human being, the ideals of public service to code and country, to be worthy of the ideals our founders bestowed upon us, eternal principals of Truth, Dignity,?and Grace!

I can not explain how powerful and solemn these words are to me. There is something so deep running through my veins, my being, my Soul, that has been stirred in these few days. I feel a visceral weight in my chest. My heart hurts.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic brought me to uncontrollable sobbing as I watched the utmost composer of those present.

The raw, stark, profoundly blatant contrast of these sacred values to the current vile, cruel, circus of an?administration we are experiencing, is as painful as the torture Sen. McCain endured.

The morning of McCain?s passing, I happened to pull two Oracle cards instead of one. They were?Eagle and The Circle. How poignant. He was such a symbolic Eagle in this Circle of Life.

So, although it has been said, ?There is no other like him,? I say, for our Democracy to survive, there must be another person with the backbone and character to respectfully and vehemently stand up to this president.

We are at a pivotal juncture. Democracy only works if?we participate. Will you? Are you?

With Opalescent Love,