Is it finally time for you
to experience something

in your life?

Would you like to learn
how to co-create reality
together with the Conscious Universe?


Are you confused? Stuck? Stumped? Frustrated?
Tired of TRYING to make things happen?
At a fork in the road?
Unsure which direction will be the best for you?

A personalized?session with a Certified Oracle Guide can give you:


Need some insight on a sticky situation?

You aren’t quite sure. Seems there isn’t anyone around who’s “neutral” on the subject to talk to?

Are there any areas of your life that aren’t working and you can’t figure out why?

Are there any past patterns or reoccurring themes you wish you could understand?

You’ve tried everything and you still just feel stuck and frustrated?


Wish you could see where you are headed?

Want some clarity on your path or your purpose?

Can you see synchronicities you don’t understand?

Need a new perspective on your specific issue?

There’s an AH-HA in there but you feel it’s in your blind spot?


Need help with a relationship or career issue?

Wish you could get guidance on your next best step?

Learn what’s in the Highest Good for your Soul’s growth

Wish you could be guided to be in the flow?

Need a good dose of inspiration?


The Oracle packs Wisdom into every session.

See how your personal Oracle cards relate to your specific life situation.

Discover how the Oracle will speak specifically to your personal story in motion.

Learn how you can be an active partner with Spirit to co-create your most amazing life.

Learn how your limiting thought patterns, behaviors, and your past might be keeping you precisely where you are.

Reclaim, reconnect to, and refine your lost dreams, hopes, aspiration and wishes.

“What got you here
got you here,
but it won’t get you
where you want to go!?

Why Should You Choose The Opal Oracle?

  • Easily set up private sessions.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • GinaMaria Opalescent studied at Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School, completed Personal Mastery, Shared Wisdom and received the honor of Certified Oracle Guide.
  • Each Oracle session is individualized, sacred, done in person or via a private video conference.
  • GinaMaria has hundreds of hours of experience guiding and mentoring clients from all walks and from near and far.


An Oracle is a way to connect with the Divine, your Higher Power, Spirit, Source, God, whichever you prefer.

The Oracle guides us to look at situations, people, or possibilities in a new way, from a wider vantage point, or from a completely new perspective. The meanings of the cards are not static. There is an organic unfolding of each person?s story during a session.

An Oracle allows the energy of the Conscious Universe, together with you & me, to come together guiding us toward what you need to know for the Highest Good and for your Soul?s growth.

An Oracle session can:

  • provide you with a path to Spiritual growth and deep self-transformation
  • give you insights on yourself
  • hold you up
  • push you forward
  • tell you it?s not the right time, or
  • show you?re headed in the right direction
Starting with 30- or 60-minute Oracle Guidance sessions in which??you??can get Insight, Clarity, Guidance and Wisdom around a topic, relationship, issue of any sort??you??need. Together we formulate the question,??Ask the Oracle, ?I??pull your?Oracle card?(?s?)? and then interpret the messages. We talk about how the meaning of the message applies to? your??life and possibly including??your ?next right action.

This is very powerful work. It opens people up to their Higher Power giving them a direct connection and a very empowering message.

Who is GinaMaria Opalescent?

Since she was very young, she has been able to guide people to realize things they couldn?t see or understand. As an intuitive, she always knew she had a gift. The Oracle serves as the tool to bring the messages through.

International Traveler



Student of many Ancient Teachings

Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking



Lived Abroad for Years

Thrives on Depth

Superficialities Just Don?t Work



She has an uncanny sense for people, what they need, and who they are. Often she sees a person?s potential much more easily than they can.

The Oracle cards are a vehicle, a conduit, to higher learning, and understanding our roles in Conscious Co-Creation. This is much different from a simple ?reading.?

GinaMaria is an original Certified Oracle Guide through Colette Baron-Reid, creator of many Oracle decks, Hay House author, and radio show host and founder of Oracle School.? GinaMaria served as a Mentor for the first Oracle School which had students from 26 countries!!

GinaMaria is an interpreter of Spirit’s message for us. As one of her mentees said:



?GinaMaria Opalescent, you have played a major role in my life this past few weeks often leading to tears and some laughs too! I know I have met someone vitally important to my spiritual journey!? JoAnne Mcleod

London, U.K.

“I’ve never experienced such an enlightening moment as when I met GinaMaria for a reading over a cup of coffee. It is a moment I reflect back on often on my path of self discovery.” Mary

Neenah, Wisconsin, U.S.

“Your sessions are so good. You are able to pick out blind spots I didn’t even realize I had and you don?t mind ass kicking if needed, He He! I felt really safely guided by what you told me.” Julie Gonefishing


“Dear GinaMaria, this would have never been possible without such a knowledgeable midwife. With you, I was able to have an experience of Release and re-encountering my Soul self. ?You were the perfect combination of firm & clear suggestions, delivered with a soft and funny tone !!!!!! Thank you so much, a brilliant example of you being priceless!!!! It was a blessing to have worked with you.” Francesca

Zurich, Switzerland

“It was great to have been allowed the opportunity to have a session with GinaMaria. She took extra time to talk with me about a lot of things I was going through. I came away with quite a bit to workout and think about (myself, home life). Definitely was something out of my comfort zone but I’m glad I did it. Would do it again in the near future. Thank you GinaMaria!” Mr. Anonymous

Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.

How does it work?

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